Micco Joins Station F Founders Program 2.0

Micco Joins Station F Founders Program 2.0 starting from 20 March 2023 🚀

Mar 18, 2024

Paris, France - Micco, the first financial hub for overseas Asians, announced today that it has joined the Station F Founders Program 2.0. Starting from March 20, 2023, Micco is part of an incubator that has supported more than 5,000 startups, including Yuka, Joko, Hivebrite, and Luko.

The 15-month program is the core in-house program of Station F dedicated to early-stage companies, with support and mentorship focusing on three main subjects: HR, product-market fit, and early-stage funding. Micco will also get the opportunity to select one advisor with a huge track record who will be offering guidance on strategic topics.

Starting from an intense 6-week Immerse Phase, Micco has met other participants, defined its objectives, participated in the key workshops, and collected the resources needed for the next phases. In the following 6 weeks, Micco will focus on execution and present its accomplishments in a friendly competition known as Battle, which will offer additional opportunities for top performers and will prepare Micco for the next 12 months of Growth Phase.

The strategic partnership between Station F and Micco goes beyond access to resources and mentorship. Micco will gain significant credibility and visibility within the startup community, as Station F is a highly respected and recognized innovation hub that attracts investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The exposure will help Micco to establish important connections and attract more customers, investors, and partners.

Héloïse Nogues, Lead Program Manager at Station F, said: "We are excited to welcome Micco to the Station F Founders Program. Micco is a forward-thinking and impactful company, and we believe that the resources and support we can provide will be invaluable in helping them achieve their goals.”

"We are thrilled to be joining the Station F Founders Program 2.0," said Mingze Ni, CEO of Micco. "This is a tremendous opportunity for us to learn from the best and to access the resources and support we need to take our business to the next level.”

The Station F Founders Program is a prestigious and highly competitive program, and being selected is a significant achievement for any startup. This is an exciting time for Micco, and we look forward to seeing how the company grows and thrives under the support of the Station F Founders Program.

About Station F:

Station F is the world's largest startup campus, located in Paris and backed by Xavier Niel. The campus is currently home to over 1,000 startups and has a network of over 4,000 mentors, investors, and partners. It offers a range of programs, events, and resources designed to support startups at every stage of their development.

About Micco:

For the more than 115 million overseas Asians that are underserved by local banking services, Micco offers an all-in-one mobile banking and financial hub that caters to the financial needs of both individuals and professionals, with an aim to improve their overall financial well-being. To achieve this, Micco has brought together a world-class team, with previous experience in tech giants, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

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