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Are you considering starting your own business or switching your business account, and wondering if Anytime is the right choice? Well, you're heading in the right direction, as newcomers like Anytime are typically more cost-effective than traditional banks, offering more efficient and user-friendly services.

Mar 18, 2024

Are you considering starting your own business or switching your business account, and wondering if Anytime is the right choice? Well, you're heading in the right direction, as newcomers like Anytime are typically more cost-effective than traditional banks, offering more efficient and user-friendly services. But with Anytime currently not accepting new clients, you might be exploring other options. Wondering if Micco can provide you with the same services you were looking for? Let's find out.

Before diving into Anytime, it's essential to understand the you have also other options as well. For example: Micco.

Micco stands as an all-in-one financial platform tailored for business creators, facilitating a comprehensive array of services. These include streamlined procedures for company registration, professional bank account establishment, capital deposit management, and more.

Micco's commitment to empowering business creators extends to:

  • Effortless company registration processes
  • Seamless professional bank account setup
  • Convenient capital deposit management solutions
  • A suite of additional financial tools and resources catered to entrepreneurs

With Micco, business creators can access a one-stop solution designed to streamline their financial operations and support their growth endeavors effectively.

Table of Contents
  1. Overview of Anytime
  2. Advantages & Disadvantages
  3. Who Is Anytime For?
  4. Diverse Business Packages
  5. Flexible Credit Card Solutions
  6. Partnerships Enhancing Services
  7. Superior Customer Experience
  8. Conclusion

1. Overview of Anytime

Anytime: Transforming Online Business Banking in France

Established in 2014, Anytime, a subsidiary of Orange Bank, is a leading player in the European fintech landscape, particularly focused on revolutionizing banking services in France. Founded by Damien Dupouy and Thierry Peyre, the company received a significant boost in 2016 with a €5 million investment, primarily from Seventure Partners, a subsidiary of Natixis Global Asset Management. Later, in 2021, Orange Bank acquired Anytime, solidifying its position in the French business banking sector. With its parent company's support, Anytime aims to expand its reach within France and across Europe.

Accessible Pro Accounts for Professionals

As a payment institution, Anytime provides various banking services tailored for professionals, catering to over 100,000 clients. Unlike traditional banks, Anytime does not offer overdraft facilities or direct loans, but it partners with other institutions to provide these services. Anytime welcomes a wide range of business entities, including self-employed individuals, LLCs, and associations. Notably, it offers personal accounts alongside its primary focus on professional accounts, a feature not commonly found in online business banks.

2. Advantages & Disadvantages


  1. One of the most comprehensive offerings on the market
  2. Backed by the strength of the Orange Group
  3. Rich complementary services, especially for online businesses (e.g., online payment, SEO)
  4. Positive customer feedback


  1. No free entry-level option for new businesses
  2. No overdraft facility

3. Who Is Anytime For?

Anytime can serve freelancers as well as companies with hundreds of employees, or even associations. Offering multiple subscriptions, Anytime does not have a free entry-level option, so it's not for you if that's what you're looking for.

4. Diverse Business Packages

Anytime offers five distinct business account packages, each with varying features and pricing, ranging from €9.50 to €249 per month. These packages include essential services such as SEPA transfers, direct debits, and check cashing.

Clients can customize their packages based on their transaction volume and specific needs. Moreover, Anytime provides French IBANs for all business accounts, ensuring seamless transactions within the country.

5. Flexible Credit Card Solutions

Anytime issues MasterCard credit cards with varying benefits depending on the subscription level. Clients can opt for additional physical cards or utilize single-use virtual cards for enhanced security.

The credit cards come with spending limits and withdrawal options, with adjustments available through the Anytime mobile app. For international travelers, Anytime offers Silver or Revolution payment cards with increased limits and added insurance coverage.

6. Partnerships Enhancing Services

In addition to its core offerings, Anytime partners with accounting experts, web service providers, and financing platforms to enrich its service portfolio. These partnerships enable clients to access a range of supplementary services, including accounting assistance, website creation, and financing solutions.

Anytime's commitment to collaboration ensures comprehensive support for businesses of all sizes.

7. Superior Customer Experience

Anytime prioritizes user experience, offering intuitive mobile and desktop interfaces for seamless navigation. The mobile app receives high ratings from users, reflecting its user-friendly design and functionality. Customer support is available via chat or phone during business hours, with VIP services offered to premium subscribers.

The account opening process is streamlined, requiring standard documentation, with RIB issuance within 48 hours. Additionally, Anytime facilitates online capital deposits, simplifying the company formation process.

Micco also provides you Capital deposit online services, help you get your certification within 48 hours

8. Conclusion: Comprehensive Business Solutions

Anytime stands out among business neobanks with its diverse range of services tailored to professionals. Backed by the Orange Group, Anytime offers stability and reliability to its clients. Whether you're a freelancer or a large corporation, Anytime's segmented offerings ensure that there's a suitable package for your financial needs.

Choosing Anytime for your business banking needs is a prudent decision, given its robust offerings and industry reputation.

Considering Alternatives? Explore Micco

As a financial services company, Micco provides comparable services and solutions tailored to the needs of modern businesses. With a user-friendly platform, competitive pricing, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Micco is another viable option worth exploring.

Whether you're a freelancer, startup, or established enterprise, Micco offers the tools and support needed to streamline financial operations and drive business growth. Check out Micco today to discover how it can complement your business banking needs.

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