Entrepreneurship in France|How to open a flower store in France?

If you're considering venturing into entrepreneurship or becoming a florist, whether as a career change or a post-school decision, Micco'll tell you all about the floristry profession.

Mar 27, 2024

Dream jobs come in many forms, and being a florist is one of them. The world of flowers often symbolizes happiness, joy in life, love... the usual emotions. Florists participate in the highlights of life, usually passionate craftsmen in their work.

If you're considering venturing into entrepreneurship or becoming a florist, whether as a career change or a post-school decision, Micco'll tell you all about the floristry profession.

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Table of Contents
  1. Qualities Needed to Become a Florist
  2. Training Required to Become a Florist
  3. Legal Structures for Florist Businesses

1. Qualities Needed to Become a Florist

Business Acumen

To be an excellent florist, you must first be an excellent business person. Flower shops often maintain contact with suppliers and customers regularly. Many times, when customers visit a flower shop to buy flowers, they also expect a certain level of service: advice on flower meanings, flower care tips tailored to their needs, and any extra services that led them to the flower shop in the first place.

Good Organizational Skills

Becoming a florist requires sharp organizational skills. Inventory management in flower shops is particularly meticulous because their goods are very delicate. Since the lifespan of fresh flowers is limited, inventory management must minimize losses as much as possible.

This means inventory management entails replenishing supplies from suppliers on a regular basis (some daily, some every two to three days), adding to the already busy workload of the flower shop. Flower shops must juggle restocking, window displays, shop decoration, and sales, especially during public holidays.

Aesthetic Sensibility

Don't forget, the work in a flower shop also involves the arrangement and pairing of bouquets. Hence, you need a genuine sense of aesthetics and artistry. The best florists demonstrate great creativity in floral arrangements, increasingly incorporating elements beyond just flowers.

So, you not only need to fulfill customer desires but also need creativity to make suggestions.

2. Training Required to Become a Florist

Many crafts, like working in a flower shop, don't necessarily require specific diplomas. However, you do need to master a set of basic skills specific to the flower shop industry.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, crafts also require learning tricks of the trade from more experienced professionals. If you've already acquired basic knowledge of the industry through training, learning from professionals is always easier.

There are various levels of training courses available:

  • Floristry CAP
  • Bachelor's degree in floristry
  • Bachelor's degree in floral design or floristry
  • Private training courses, for example, if you need retraining, can be obtained through continuing education. These courses are often funded by your personal training account.

Please note: In the past, it was necessary to attend preparatory courses before registering with the Chamber of Crafts. This course still exists but is entirely optional.

3. Legal Structures for Florist Businesses

Like many other crafts, the flower shop industry has undergone many changes in recent years. While we traditionally think of florists as running flower shops, many new services have developed around the florist profession.

If you want to delve into these new business forms but aren't sure how to become a family flower shop, an online flower shop, or a franchise flower shop, it's actually quite simple.

These business forms require a legal framework: you can become a florist as a sole trader or decide to set up a company. But don't panic, setting up a company online is very quick nowadays.

You just need to choose the company form that best suits your business:

  • If you want to work alone, you can choose EURL or SASU, which are "single-member" companies.
  • If you want to partner with others, you can choose SARL or SAS.

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