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Cas client paiement en ligne

Solution de prise de commandes et de paiement en ligne pour les restaurants et les supermarchés

Why choose Micco ?

Micco's offers cover all your day-to-day organizational financial management needs.


Open a new account in 5 minutes via the mobile app, and it’s all online


Affordable, no hidden fees, you can cancel at any time. (Except for company creation packages)


Micco and its financial partners are regulated by the French and European  Financial regulator


Our professional team will provide you with online information and we are ready to assist you

Micco business account, efficient, safe and reliable

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With the Micco card,you can...

Withdraw cash anywhere in the world

Easily activate your debit card

Set spending limit for your card

Limit the online purchases by debit card

Block and replace your card via the app

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With Micco app, you can:

SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area System) payments

Management and tracking of direct debit expenses

Physical and virtual card payment functionality

Email and app mobile push notification

Categorize transfers and expenses

Each expense and transfer can be tagged

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